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They are everywhere. My favorites are Celias on Revolution, left side of the street, pink building before the bridge. Once over the bridge there is another on the right side of street; 13 Hermanos. Say hello to Ana.

You can also get wonderful produce off the trucks that drive through town.

If you want to purchase meat or poultry, there is a very nice Carneceria just over the bridge on the right side of the street.

The main seafood market is just over the bridge as you head into town on the left. It’s a very pretty blue tiled store. Ask, que tipo de pescado hoy? If they have Pargo…(a type snapper) buy it!

Farmers Market
Mercado del Pueblo! Every Friday from November to May. Join the organic and natural food movement in our very town. Located at the end of Pelicanos, along the river from 10-1:30pm to shop, snack, listen to music and visit. Come enjoy!

Wine & Liquor

Super Mi Tienda
Great place for picking up small grocery items. Nice selection of locally ground coffees. This is located under Calypso Restaurant.

Alas Blancas
Corner of Navarrete and Delfin. Good for wine, liquor and small grocery items.


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